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ARA Electrical Services was engaged by a large mining company to perform a site wide arc flash study on all of their MCC’s and Distribution Boards.

The project required extensive information gathering across a large site. Due to the operational nature of the site, a large percentage of the information needed to perform the Arc Flash study required weekend shutdowns to gain access to certain pieces of equipment.

Our team of engineers led by Andrew Jeffrey then compiled the huge amount of information and images to conduct the Arc flash study.

The end result led to each MCC and Distribution Board across the site having a precise Arc Flash rating. ARA Electrical Services then partnered with our client to perform a risk assessment and determine the correct PPE rating of each board.

ARA Electricial Services created Australian Standard Arc Flash labels for each board so that the on site maintenance electricians can correctly identify the risk of each board they were working on.

Arc Flash studies are a great tool in mitigating the risks associated with high fault current and Arc Flash.