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Manufacturing in Australia has been under threat in recent years with the availability of cheap labour overseas and the rise of the accessibility of the Asian markets.
The challenge of competing in these markets can be difficult and the responsibilities of site maintenance managers, plant managers, OH&S managers and private ownership has never been greater than it is today.
The direct and indirect costs of not understanding or complying with the Australian Standards can bring any thriving manufacturing business to its knees. With so many Australian Standards to comply with it can be difficult to understand your business’s responsibilities. 
ARA Electrical’s team of Engineer’s and consultants are here to help you understand and ensure you are compliant with the current Australian Standards. 

ARA Electrical Services team of trained and experienced professionals offer Audits and Compliance reports on the following Australian standards

AS:NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installations  “Wiring Rules”

Switchboard audits

Overseas machinery inspections

Installation audits

High voltage audits

Maximum demand audits and calculations

Power monitoring

Essential service audits – Emergency Lighting 

AS/NZS 4024 Safety of machinery

Machine safety audits

Risk Assessments

AS/NZS 60079.14:2017 Explosive atmospheres Design selection, erection and initial inspection of electrical equipment.

AS/NZS 60079.17:2017 Explosive atmospheres Electrical Installations inspection and maintenance.

Hazardous area inspection & compliance reports

Hazardous area dossier audits

Hazardous area classifications

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